Stew bowl.

By now you have definately teased someone or been teased abouut mashakura. This is mostly about the choice of ingredients used which can actually make a very delicious meal, if prepared well. This delicious bowl of beef stew was inspired by "mashakura", and I promise you, it was fingerlicking good. It is an infusion of … Continue reading Stew bowl.

Comfort pasta.

We all have moments when we feel low. Sometimes you need a hug, a nap or food. Some people go for food, comfort food. You probably have a list of them, but after trying this soya mince pasta, you will dance a jig. The best part about comfort food is that you don't need to … Continue reading Comfort pasta.

Honey fish.

The world cup season calls for proper feeding before and after matches. My country people will appreciate a plate of ugali, sukumawiki and delicious fish. The choice of your accompaniment, however, will depend on your preference. Shallow-fried honey fish is the way to go. This is a simple and sure recipe that will leave you … Continue reading Honey fish.